CAT.U - jewellerydesign exists since more than 10 years. Behind the label stands my person, Kathrin Ulbrich,
and in September 2019 it's for me already 30 years professional experience in the field of metalworking.

My headquaters are in Seifhennersdorf. There I've a workshop and you're welcome to visit me. Please note that's only possible by appointment. The presentation of my jewellery you can find in Oybin, Hauptstraße 12.
It's directly on the way to: Oybin Castle and Monastery.

I design and produce the CAT.U - jewellerycollection by myself. High quality work is thereby very important
for me!
As an artist I'm fortunately not under the extreme "quantitypressure" of the modern society and can live my
creativity relatively freely.
Working as a jewellery designer is actually my „dreamjob”! The way wasn't a short one, but interesting
and with quite a number of varieties. More or less I did 3 educations. Probably that's the reason why my
jewellery is somewhat different.
Mainsource of inspiration is the nature, which I absolutely love! My workshop in Seifhennersdorf lies nearby
a forest. So, first thing every morning is my dog and me going there. Really nice!.
Moreover Oybin is located in the middle of the Zittau Mountains. Beautiful landscape and a recommendable destination!

My first piece of jewellery - you can see it at the picture below - I made in 1995. At that time my motivation was
the wish for a individual piece of jewellery with which I can be happy for a long period because of good quality.
Back then I still worked as a dental laboratory technician. In the dental laboratory one can find excellent possibilities for such a project.
Luckily my boss liked the idea I could proceed. That's not everywhere possible.
After the initial successful creation and the following positive feedback I decided to change course completely
and to study design.

In 1999 I started my studies at the university of applied sciences: technology, business and design in Wismar.
On the one hand I enjoyed it a great deal and on the other hand it gave me a lot of knowledge in the areas
of creation, presentation, photographie and other basics for the subsequent engagement as a
jewellery designer.
However after the successful finish of my designstudies I went firstly for a couple of years to
the Norwegian tundra.
This experience was very special! The nature up there is just great. There is allways something to see
and one can find some inner rest.
Life is more slow-going...and this works too, actually quite nicely.
For a person from Germany not allways easy to handle, but it's very wise! I guess I managed to keep some of
this wisdom for my present life in Germany.

I worked in Kautokeino (northern Norway) in a Silvergallery as a goldsmith. Our workshopleader there was
a master craftsmen and I was able to accummulate some more practical skills for the making of jewellery.

The Norwegian people are very proud of their country and are accordingly greatly conscious of their traditions.
A vital role in this plays traditional clothing and traditional jewellery, which varies from region to region.
Especially at 17th of May, the Norwegian national day, the Norwegian people very proudly show themselves in
their traditional outfit.
The 6th of February is the day of the Sami people. Of course that means extensive celebrations too.
In Kautokeino is the traditional outfit onipresent. In my opinion it's very nice that the youth is wearing their
traditional outfit quite naturally and proudly! Also for evening events like concerts. I became kind of impressed
by that.
So, jewellery is truly important for the Sami people. They have a lot and one can see it especially at occasions
like weddings or confirmations.
Therefore this is the focus in jewellerymaking in Kautokeino. I did mainly belt tips, silverbuttons and

And here are comming some pictures of the marvellous Norwegian tundra.

It's winter for approximately 8 months every year in Kautokeino. If one get's lucky one can
experience exceptional spectacles of nature like this sort of a „suntorch”.
(Picture „suntorch”: Benjamin Hertz Madsen / taken at 24th of January in 2012)
Those celestial phenomena occur particularly after the darktime ( darktime in Kauto lasts ca. 2 months).
2012 there was additinally an increased solar activity.

Northern Lights above Kautokeino - Picture: Benjamin Hertz Madsen

Blaze of coulors: the tundra during autum...and naturally reindeer.

The label CAT.U - jewellerydesign I launched in 2008. The name derives from my initials and is patented as
a word and design mark.

I still had my employment in northern Norway until 2015. During this period I fluctuated between Norway and
Germany. Therefor I was able to establish my company quite relaxed. As a matter of course I informed my
Norwegian boss already in 2008 about my plans of a own company. She was not really pleased that I wanted
to go back to my native place. And that's Seifhennersdorf.
It's quite right to say that one appreciates home a great deal more by being away over a longer period
of time. At least for me this is true. So to speak: back to the roots.
I never regretted the decision. Home is home and I just love to be back. Of course it wasn't always easy
but by now I'm quite content and have found a good balance between designing, manufacturing and selling.

In my store in Oybin